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Toronto-based photographer Sofija Lupert will go almost anywhere for the perfect shot. As a seasoned traveler, her journeys both at home and abroad inspired young Sofija to pursue a career in photography not only for cultural or geographical aspects but for a strong bond between art and the natural world. Sofija brings about a cross-medium with sculpture in her photography-based work. Sofija transforms people, places, and inanimate objects into almost surreal works of art that reflect on the fantastical abilities of the mind. Sofija Lupert wants to continue to challenge viewers to look at and to think about what a photograph can be from a different perspective.
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Major In progress, 2021

Landscape Portraiture Still Life Composite Prints Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Premiere Cinema 4D Videography

2020, OCADU Stephen Bulger Gallery Scholarship
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