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Drawing and Painting

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Hi I'm Christina. I am an emerging artist graduating from OCAD U's Drawing and Painting program. I am an interdisciplinary artist and I am always looking to expand my practice. I do this by trying new ways of creating art by incorporating new techniques and using new materials in order to bring my thoughts and ideas through successfully. I consider myself a storyteller because I like to create narrative scenes in my work that anyone could feel and see themselves in. Sometimes my work is ambiguous, in which the narrative is up to the viewer to interpret for themselves, which is why I dislike writing about my art.However, I greatly enjoy critique settings and hearing what others see and feel when they experience my work. I have loved making art since before I can remember. The feeling of being able to imagine anything and see it come to life on paper was unlike anything else. Being limitless in a world of limitations has stuck with me throughout my life and I am grateful to have such wonderful opportunities to show the world what I have to offer.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023

Drawing and Painting

2023, GradEx
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