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“Festivals and culture hold a gravity in our lives, they keep us engaged and connected with our loved ones, but also serve as opportunities for local businesses and restaurants to grow. However, the lack of these celebrations during the pandemic has made us anxious and lonely. This made me ponder about the communities that are often left out of celebrations and festivities – people with disabilities, the elderly, or anyone unable to physically attend. So, I explored through a multi-disciplinary design approach, is it possible to develop a concept of a video game, enriched by my Graphic Design skills that emulates a festival celebration in an inclusive virtual manner? One that empowers culture, people, and local businesses, and educates whoever plays it. Find out as I share my visual outcomes for "Norta – The Game of Nine Nights", which is a concept of a video game based on the Hindu festival of Navratri.This is only a partial representation of the project, please click the website link to view the full project or visit:https://norta.rahulbagdai.com”

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Rahul Bagdai is an awarded graphic designer, exploring with multidisciplinary design approaches. His primary foci are branding, graphic design, editorial design, advertising creatives, social media marketing and digital media marketing. Rahul explores askew, out-of-the-box design approaches to develop unique solutions to the world's design problems.
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Major Completed, 2021

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2020, Student Employee Excellence Award
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