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“Radical Learning depicts new ideas in the education system with familiar school imagery to promote innovation for our future generations.”

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Catherine Chan is a Toronto-based illustrator with a previous life in project management and technology. Her work explores her relationships as an immigrant, a mother, and a lifelong learner, and acts as both self-exploration and self-declaration.When she is not busy making images, you will find her spending time with her family, hosting her Airbnb, or making pizzas. Her favourite pizza topping combination is bacon, pineapple, and pickled jalapeno. Ever since the pandemic, she has been nurturing her own sourdough starter.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022
University of Toronto
Computer Science and Economics
Major Completed, 2002

Illustration Editorial Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Oil Painting Children's Illustration

2022, AGO Portraits of Resilience
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
2022, Major Works: OCADU Illustrative Painting Exhibition
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON
2022, GradEx 107
OCADU, Toronto, ON
2021, Culture’s Compass 2021 -Navigating the Waves of Change
Humber College, Toronto, ON
2021, Looking Out While Looking In
Exhibition of Collaborative Project (COIL) course between OCAD U and SUNY Geneseo students
2021, Yue Moon: Animated Light with Winnie Truong
Toronto Chinatown
2022, AI 41 CHOSEN Online Winner
American Illustration
2021, CQ63 Student: Illustration Runner Up
Creative Quarterly
2021, AI 40 CHOSEN Online Winner
American Illustration
2020, CQ 62 Student: Illustration Runner Up
Creative Quarterly
2019, David Hall-Humpherson Memorial Scholarship
David Hall-Humpherson Memorial