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aka. Zoey, Environmental Design

“OCAD Environmental Design StudentInterested Area: Environmental Design, Architecture Design, Interior Design, Philosophy/Concept in Architecture, Public space, Contemporary art, Performance Art.I see architecture as part of myself and hope to leave my mind in the cities I lived.”

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Sheng "Zoey" Qing (she/her) is an architect and artist. She grows up in China, lives and works in Toronto. Currently. She approaches both residential and public design, such as prison, parking, entertainment space, hospitality and community centre. Her work revolves around project research, collage, modelling and rendering. In her view, the relationship between architecture and its surroundings is crucial--the juxtaposition of new design with natural landscapes and ancient buildings could reflect history and evoke a resonance between scene and memory. She pursues the poetic and transcendent spirit of architecture.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Environmental Design
Major Completed, 2023

Environmental Design Interior Design Architectural Design AutoCAD Rhino SketchUp Lumion Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Photoshop

2023, Puzzle: A Residential Design for Sartre
100 McCaul St