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Di Nizio

Graphic Design

“I produce designs with the intention of giving a voice to those who feel unheard. My goal as a designer is to continue using my craft to assist others creatively, always keeping this mindset at the forefront of my work. I have chosen a path to utilize my talents and ideas to help others through my designs, whether it's for companies, brands, small businesses, communities, and even individuals.”

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VittoriaDi Nizio
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Hello, I am Vittoria Di Nizio, a designer with eight years of experience based in Mississauga. I specialize in business branding and take immense pleasure in enhancing the identity of any brand. My strong work ethic is fueled by a motivation to excel in a professional, dynamic environment. I am characterized by my tenacity, amiability, devotion, reliability, and commitment towards every project I undertake.With my expertise, I have created various forms of content, including logos, motion graphics, Instagram posts and content, website content, wireframes, merchandise, and blog spreads, for over 20 businesses. Working with cross-functional teams such as UX/UI designers, social media managers, photographers, and business analysts has expanded my knowledge, making me confident in handling projects beyond graphic design.I strive to design work that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, allowing individuals to express themselves through my designs. My aspiration is to imbue inclusivity and interactivity in my work to foster the spirit of art for everyone and anyone.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2023

Graphic Design Motion Graphics Brand Identity/Branding Logo Design Social Media Content Website Content Animation Video Editing Merchandise/Mockups Book Design/Layout Advertisements Creative Coding Website Development Typography

2023, GradEx
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