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“I see painting as an escape from the real world. Allowing myself to listen to my emotions and feelings, and releasing that energy into my work has greatly shaped my practice as a whole. With the mindset of endless possibilities there is never a right or wrong with what I decide to create. My work is a representation of myself rather than just an image or an idea. My body of work currently concerns the ups and downs, and development of my life, contrasted by colour palettes merged together to create a unified piece. Using acrylic paints and mixed media, I am able to visually represent my ideas through colours, textures and line work. I tend to create abstract work the most, since I feel it expresses my ideas best. I believe it is important to not have a set plan when creating art, and to allow self expression to take the lead. I create art in hopes that others will be able to connect with my pieces on their own level. That not only creates a connection between the viewers and my piece, but the viewers and myself. ”

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Claudia Kossak is a 23 year old Toronto-based artist whose work explores the complex relationship between art and emotions. She is currently working towards her goals of becoming an art teacher and part-time acrylic and mixed media artist. Growing up with an artistic background and love for fine arts, Claudia continued to explore her passion for abstract art and developed the ability to express personal experiences within her work. This led to the emergence of her key concepts seen through her work to date consisting of emotions, feelings, experiences and personal development. With most of Claudia’s family members working in different artistic industries, this inspired her to push boundaries in her practice and create artwork that expresses herself and her journey.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2023

Abstract Painting Mixed Media Drawing and Painting

2023, GradEx 108
OCAD University