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“"Choson Punk" is a concept art series set in a fictional world created by reinterpretingpast Korean history in the form of science fiction. It illustrates traditional culture, such asKorea's unique patterns and costumes, while also depicting the dystopian social trend andlow life of citizens, the hallmarks of cyberpunk art. Each illustration contains the story ofvarious social and political issues that led to the collapse of the Choson Dynasty.”

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Veri Lee is a Korean-Canadian illustrator and concept artist based in Toronto. She studied Illustration at OCAD University. Ever since Veri was a child, she has been fascinated by the dynamic visuals and narratives of video game culture, and it is still her inspiration when creating art. In 2013, she relocated to Vancouver, Canada. While living in Vancouver, she synthesized the intersection of the two cultures in her art by perceiving the Canadian culture through the lens of her Korean heritage and integrating it into her artistic vocabulary.In her art, Veri strived to elevate Korean culture by using digital media. She is passionate about creating a hybrid version of Korean culture and entertainment art of the future. She interprets traditional Korean culture and merges them with futuristic themes, as a way to generate visual interest for international audience and to suggest a new way of seeing tradition for Korean people in her generation.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2022

Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop Character design Environment design

2022, Life of "In-Betweener"
Assembly Hall Gallery