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aka. Ashmitha Kunasingam, Drawing and Painting

“These heroic-sized expressionism paintings are celebrations of varied perception, and the narration of one's innermost thoughts. Relying on pareidolia, I identified and built upon recognizable painterly elements during the creation process to be able to emanate a sense of 'chaos', through movement. Subsequently overwhelming the viewers, urging them to “overthink” the narrative they may perceive within the piece, and to focus in on their own emotions.”

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Ashmitha Kunasingam, also known as Ash is an Indo-Guyanese and Sri Lankan abstract artist based in Tkaronto. She is inspired by both the abstraction style and the emotionalism art theory, which permits her to produce works that ignite motion, whether visual or emotional. She often experiments with masking tape, pencil, and differing viewpoints within her work to create a mosaic effect. In this, she encourages the eyes of the viewer to wander the picture plane. Using a plethora of acrylic colours, multi-pencil line-work, and/or layering, she propels the audience to feel their emotions, think a thought, or relive a memory. The intention of her work is to make the audience feel any sort of emotion as they view it, in opposition to trying to understand the piece as an entity. She desires her pieces to flood the viewer's senses - overwhelming them, giving rise to their wonder, in which they think; “How am I feeling?”.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Social Sciences
Minor In progress, 2023


2023, Art Prom Fundraiser
Great Hall, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
Open Space Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2022, Introductory Fragments
Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2022, Andre N. Beaulieu Bursary for Young Visual Artists
2019, Ernie & Rivette Herzig Bursary