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Drawing and Painting

Griffin McAllister

Gateway to the Multiverse

Ink, Graphite, Wood, Stone, tape, glue and Frankincense on Mylar
Gateway to the Multiverse is a zodiacal procession of associative colours and forms.

“Gateway to the Multiverse, the other collaged mylar painting, is a zodiacal procession of spiritual animals. The work began with stream-of-consciousness notation, working out the concept of the final piece in graphite near the grommets, and simple geometric figures in ink. Eventually, a rainbow of colour would spread out from the first ledgers and spill into the entire space as the procession was reflected in the process of its own creation. The procession is an archetype that can be seen across genres such as in contemporary art with Shary Boyle’s 2021 installation titled The Procession, film with Isao Takahata’s spirit parade scene in Pom Poko (1994) or in European folklore with The Wild Hunt. All of these events are marked by having inhuman attendees or participants and although this is not always the case, the characters within Gateway to the Multiverse are painted in layered washes and lines that evoke a partially existent materiality. The sticks are woven through the surfaces of both mylar sheets to extend the lines into the space and give more weight to particular areas of import.”

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Gateway to the Multiverse
Gateway to the Multiverse

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Griffin McAllister

Painting & Poetry

“A dissection of the process of perception. Alternating between geometrically logical analysis and spontaneous free verse that tears an organic pattern into the seams of the once perfect symmetry....” [More]