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Drawing and Painting

Griffin McAllister

Oil Mass Tree - Yggdrasil Blezun

Wood, Cement, Twine, Frankincense, Ink, Mylar, Archival Tags
Oil Mass Tree - Yggdrasil Blezun is an invocation of the archaic Greek divine name IAO.

“On Oil Mass Tree - Yggdrasil Blezun, the pine branch mobile, the central longest branch is marked with A while the smaller auxiliary branches are marked I and O respectively. The primary title ‘Oil Mass Tree’ is a play on the etymology of Christmas Tree; Christ’s Mass, Christos Mass, Christos meaning oil or anointed with oil. The title also draws attention to the use of mylar which is a synthetic polymer based substrate that is constructed out of fossil fuels. The secondary title ‘Yggdrasil Blezun’ essentially means blessing of the world tree and brings the work back to an ecologically minded Pagan methodology. There is no division between so-called Pagan practices and my Qabalah, I am a Hermetic Pagan who works equally with the stars and the soil.”

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Oil Mass Tree - Yggdrasil Blezun
Oil Mass Tree - Yggdrasil Blezun

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Griffin McAllister

Painting & Poetry

“A dissection of the process of perception. Alternating between geometrically logical analysis and spontaneous free verse that tears an organic pattern into the seams of the once perfect symmetry....” [More]