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Judith Grace


Drawing and Painting

“We can search through our past and attempt to discover the lost memories held within us but just as I scrape the henna off the board, I see the stains left behind, knowing it is not possible to go back to the original memory. That does not entirely mean losing hope in the past, but the emphasis on the good experience that shape our current self; to look forward to the future.”

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Judith GraceVijayasenan
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Judith Grace Vijayasenan is an Indian-born, Toronto-based visual artist. Her medium styles incorporate oils, acrylics, ink and henna on Wood. Judith likes to base her pieces on memory, land, and small connections that she has to her past and present land (India and Canada). Through her work, she aspires to focus on the essence of the land and the difference in memories that tie into the land being presented. She is graduating in June 2023 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and minoring in Social Science from OCADU. Judith’s work has been exhibited in Ada Slaight Gallery: Gathering Divergence (2022), OCAD University's The Great Hall: The "Metamorphosis", and Gallery 1313’s: Unpackaging Pandemic Pondering (2021). She has received grants from the Don Watt Bursary, OCAD U (TSA) Winter Bursary Fund, and Andre N. Beaulieu Bursary for Young Visual Artists. Judith is currently a volunteer Art Mentor at the Meraki Initiative.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Social Sciences
Minor In progress, 2023

Art Instructor

2022, Gathering Divergence
Ada Slaight Gallery
2022, the "Metamorphosis"
The Great Hall, OCAD University
2021, Unpacking Pandemic Pondering
Gallery 1313, Toronto ON (Online)
2020, Drawing in its Most Vague Definition
OCAD University (Online)
2022, Andre Beaulieu Bursary for Young Visual Artists (General)
OCAD University
2021, OCAD U (TSA Winter) Bursary Fund
OCAD University
2019, Don Watt Bursary
OCAD University