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Drawing and Painting

“In an 'auto-archeological' pursuit of identity, I began collecting my late grandfather's digital archives, downloading information from the library of floppy disks he left behind. The sloppily re-formatted Word documents and low-quality imagery struck me as indications of the images' journey across time and of my grandfather's extended autonomy post-mortem. Technological transgressions transformed into mediations of his spirit, though I also stumbled across information contradictory to the person I believed him to be. My work is mourning, unravelling and complicating my cross-dimensional relationship with my grandfather as inseparable from the objects and landscapes we negotiate. Visually intertwining my body amongst my grandfather's digital archives and the turbulent ecology of his birthplace, Sao Miguel, Portugal, I co-opt the ghost as a speculative framework to reconcile his contradictory character. My compositions implicate viewers into my mourning process as shapes emerge, re-emerge and envelope. As soon as one motif swims to the surface, another fades into abstraction. Across my body of work, I bridge the dive between life and death through the digital to engage spiritualists and skeptics in my ongoing search for personal futurity. ”

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Olivia Aguiar is an emerging artist born, raised and working in Tkaronto. Olivia's practice is interdisciplinary with a focus on digital collage, painting, experimental animation and community engagement. Her work is interested in the ontological implications of 'digital corporeality,' or the condition resulting from bodily entanglement with digital technology. Olivia is in her final year at OCAD University, acquiring her BFA in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Gender and Sexuality.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023
OCAD U - Faculty of Arts & Science
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Minor In progress, 2023

Painting Drawing Graphic Design Collage Gender Studies Community Engagement

2023, GradEx
OCAD University
2023, DRPT Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser
Great Hall, OCAD University
2022, The Archive of Merit: From the OSA to OCAD
Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2022, Now Streaming
VAM Gallery, Mississauga, ON
2022, Introductory Fragments
Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2023, Format Website Prize for Graduating Students
RBC Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers/ Format
2022, NEO Artist Commissioning Program
RBC Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers/ NEO Exchange
2022, First Place Award, Now Streaming
VAM Gallery
2022, Partial Gallery Career Launcher
RBC Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers/ Partial Gallery
2021, Takao Tanabe Scholarship
OCAD University
2020, IODE Ontario Women’s Scholarship
OCAD University