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Life Studies, Cross-Disciplinary

“We are all tangled with the stories of the universe - my desire is to honour these connections. Ink. Stitch. Press. Poem.Illumination and the glory of sharing our interwoven existence. ”

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Siu Woollard is a storyteller, maker, poet, and cookie aficionado currently working from Barrie, Ontario. Making messes and magic since 1997, Siu works with ink and fibre with a special interest in embroidery. As an immigrant, Siu has experienced the power of stories which bind us to one another and to time. Tying their work together is the desire for connection: between spaces and places, bloodlines and borders, we are all tied together somehow. Looking ahead in their crystal ball, Siu is working towards a tattoo apprenticeship – the next step in their storytelling journey.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Cross-Disciplinary Art: Life Studies
Major In progress, 2022
Nipissing University
English Literature
Major Completed, 2020
Nipissing University
Studio Fine Arts
Minor Completed, 2020
2022, Consulting the Ether
TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library
2021, Witness / Media
Ada Slaight Gallery; Toronto, Canada