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aka. kiwimii, Illustration

“Surviving Abuse” illustrates how to survive, recover, and aid survivors from the traumatic nature of abuse in a visually non-triggering manner to emphasize that recovery is possible and to support survivors and educate allies.”

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Vincy Lim is a Chinese-Canadian non-binary sapphic illustrator and cartoonist whose work revolves around the themes of self-love, queerness, disability, and abuse. Through graphic memoirs and fictional stories grounded in the realities of today's marginalized groups, Vincy produces works that emphasize on loving yourself, healing, and the recovery process.As a recent escapee of abuse and attempted murder, Vincy wishes to highlight the ability to move onwards and feel content with one's life despite their past or current situations. Vincy strives to create comics that speak on behalf of those who cannot, that tell the stories of those who live in hiding and in fear, and let them know that there is hope and happiness at the end of it all.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Major Completed, 2021
OCADU - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Minor Completed, 2020

Paint markers Pyrography Tufting (needle punch) Risograph Acrylic Acrylic Gouache

2021, This House, Made and Mended by Unbelonging Hands
Riverdale Curatorial Projects, Riverdale Hub
2020, All My Friends Are Straight
OCADU Learning Zone
2020, Toronto Comics Arts Festival
Online due to Covid-19
2019, Sick and Disabled Queer Zine Fair
George Chuvalo Community Centre
2019, XPACE Holiday Zine + Makers Fair
2017, Finalist
Broken Pencil Zine Awards