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“Through my art, I aim to share the peace and stillness that I have found in the patterns of nature. My paintings are not just images of landscapes, but portals to meditative spaces that offer a break from the noise and chaos of modern life.In my work, I combine realism and abstraction to create a feeling of calm that transcends the physical world. I have discovered a powerful connection between the light reflecting on bodies of water and the reflection of the mind. When I gaze upon the patterns of the ocean, I lose myself in the moment and feel at peace. In this space, I am free from the stresses and distractions of everyday life, and I can establish a deeper connection with myself.The process of painting is a way for me to recreate these serene moments and escape into a world of stillness. When I paint, I listen to my own subconscious and let my arm glide the brush stroke along the canvas as an extension of my still thoughts. The technical aspects of painting become secondary to the importance of the feeling that I am trying to capture.Through my art, I hope to inspire others to take a step back, be present, and reflect on their thoughts. My paintings promote the concept of being mindful and composed in one's thoughts, not reacting impulsively to situations around them. This way of life has greatly benefited my creative path and my personal journey to find stillness and peace amidst the chaos of life.Overall, my art is a reflection of my own experiences and a way to share the beauty and tranquility of nature with others. I hope that my paintings can offer viewers a moment of respite and a chance to connect with themselves and the world around them.

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Aly (Alexandra)Rosenzweig
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I'm Aly Rosenzweig, an emerging artist in Toronto with a BFA in Fine Arts from OCADU. My dynamic and expressive paintings, created using acrylic on canvas, capture the essence of the moment with every brushstroke. During my early childhood, I painted alongside my grandmother, which sparked my passion for the art form. My talent and dedication to painting were evident in the creation of my portfolio, which solidified my decision to pursue painting professionally. My work has already caught the attention of private collectors and was sold at the SABCR Art Auction Fundraiser, raising money for Students Advancing Brain Cancer Research. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I was part of the virtual exhibition "Drawing in its Most Vague Definition," hosted by OCADU. This year, I found my own language within my work, which I'm excited to continue exploring and expanding on. I'm thrilled to continue sharing my creations with the world.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023

Painting Landscape Painting Abstract Painting Colour Theory Acrylic Painting

2023, SABCR Art Auction Fundraiser
McMaster University
2023, GRADEX 2023
2020, Drawing in its Most Vague Definition - Virtual Exhibition