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“My name is Carlos Bellorin and I am a Latin X graduating student at OCAD U. My latest work is a series called Survival of the Fittest. Its about my life, but can also reflect the lives of others. As you will notice, the reoccurring theme through out all of my work is the bandana or paisley print. What it symbolizes to me is the streets, it reminds me of where I come from. The bandana has a reputation of being associated with some of the most rebellious groups through out history. In modern day society, it is directly associated with gang culture. Wearing the wrong colour bandana in the wrong part of town can literally get you killed. I come from that wrong part of town.  It is where I was born and raised. I felt the need to share my perspective of what life is like where I come from as its always been a touchy subject for those who do not understand or do not wish to understand. I would like to represent the underrepresented and speak for those who go unheard. I wish to put an end to the stigma regarding underprivileged troubled neighbourhoods and the people that come from them. I’m tired of feeling rejected by the upper class. Tired of feeling inferior. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Not all are given the advantages or opportunities of others. What I have learned is that life is full of choices and some chose to survive by any means. I was raised to live life righteously. I chose differently from others but I cannot judge anyone. I have seen a lot and been through a lot in my life and I can only give you a glimpse.

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Carlos Bellorin is a Toronto based artist, heavily inspired by hip hop culture & street culture. Carlos specializes in both oil & acrylic painting. He is currently completing his BFA at OCAD U.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2022