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Drawing & Painting

“My paintings consider grief through an investigation of the body as a tangible site of stability. Exploring figurative form in a gestural manner, I return to personal narratives of grief and the experience of life after loss. My work’s diffusive qualities reflect an emotional dialogue between the tangible and intangible.”

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Anita Lasek draws inspiration from the figurative form and the transience of time, as she seeks to capture vulnerable moments in her artwork. Through personal narratives of losing her father, Lasek shares her own experiences of navigating life after loss. In her work, the human body is representative of stability and certainty. This is juxtaposed against her gestural linework and her diffusive compositions to create a contrasting sense of instability. Additionally, Lasek is fascinated by the interplay of color and emotion. Using the colour blue, Lasek simultaneously creates warm and cool feeling compositions. The sometimes low-contrast and dark-toned paintings compel viewers to engage closely and personally with the pieces. She is fascinated by the simplification of form, frequently experimenting with minimalistic approaches to capture her subjects. Alongside painting, Lasek enjoys pencil drawing to further study the body.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major In progress, 2023

Oil Painting Anatomy Study Pencil Drawing

2023, Anatomy of Blue (Solo Show)
Ada Slaight Gallery
2023, Awenda Inspired Group Show
Ada Slaight Gallery
2023, 70s Glam Fundraising Auction
Great Hall, OCAD U
2022, Where We Rely
Carbonic Coffee, Toronto
2022, The Archive of Merit: From the OSA to OCAD
Ada Slaight Gallery
2022, Off The Wall
Propeller Art Gallery (Online)
2021, International Absurdity Day
Start Gallery, Warsaw Poland
2020, First Self- Investigating Cultural Appropriation
2020, Awenda Inspired Group Show
Ada Slaight Gallery
2019, Refuse/Reuse
Ada Slaight Student Hub
2018, Living Rock- Arts of August Exhibition
The Spice Factory, Hamilton, Ontario
2018, Brushes in the Hammer
Vasco Da Gama Club, Hamilton, Ontario
2023, Ernie & Rivette Herzig Bursary
OCAD University
2021, Andre Beaulieu Bursary for Young Visual Artists
OCAD University
2019, Project 31- Drawing & Painting Entrance Scholarship
OCAD University