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Graphic Design

“A graphic designer with videography skill and passion in material art. The year 2020 shifted my mind, and encouraged me to explore art forms that are more tangible and closer to the nature.”

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My name is Jingjia Zeng (Danny), a multi-skilled designer with graphic design in major. I was born and grew up in China, where I was exposed to both oriental aesthetic and modern international style of art and design. After moving to Canada and progressing my bachelor’s degree, I started to learn more about commercial design as well as art forms to express myself. My passion never stuck in a single design field. Though my major is graphic design, loaded with branding, packaging, and typography, which are my main focus, I am also good at illustration and photography (which I have practiced for years), I am also learning material arts like textile and jewelry design as an interest. When I was in my second year, I started to make vlogs and videos about cooking, DIY, and traveling, and published in Bilibili.com, where I have gained 16K followers. Those experiences and skills work interrelated, they keep broadening my mind and stimulating my creativity. Challenges and new things excite me, learning is my all-time passion.My website for more works:https://jingzdesign.com/
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Graphic Design
Major Completed, 2021

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