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“Considering the contemporary cyber modes of existence, my paintings challenge boundaries of the physical and digital human. I utilize a hybrid approach to painting through digital simulations that inform my reflective, figurative oil paintings to depict the human as beyond physical reality.”

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Ethan Platt is a Toronto based artist working with a hybrid studio practice to consider the body in contemporary cyber spaces. He paints merging traditional oil painting techniques, digital simulations, and intuitive painterly strokes to create works that mark the intersections of analogue and digital atmospheres.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2023

Oil Painting 3D modeling

2023, Fundraising Auction
OCAD U - Toronto
2023, Love in All Forms
Blitz Gallery - Toronto
2022, Metamorphosis
OCAD U Great Hall - Toronto
2022, Archive of Merit: OSA to OCAD U
Ada Slaight Gallery - Toronto
2021, Exhibiting Artist
Purple Haze - Toronto
2021, Sustainable Interventions
Kunstmatrix - OCAD U
2020, Fresh Paint/Peinture Fraiche
Art Mûr - Montreal
2020, First Self
2023, Hugh Mackenzie Memorial Scholarship
OCAD University
2019, Richard Lemieux Scholarship
OCAD University