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“Using latex and body casting to form second skin shells, I have created moults of lived experience. Drawing on memory, this work becomes an allegory situated during the Covid-19 pandemic of a broader collective experience of social separation, and physical isolation.”

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I am an emerging visual artist and musician based out of Tkaronto/Toronto.My practice as an artist is in dialogue with the natural world and human interaction with it. Exploring themes of decay, rebirth, and playful self-love, the materials I choose to work with are often found objects. Whether in the form of detritus, or stories, I often work with what exists already but is cast aside. I navigate creation through the lens of interaction with environment and land, but also with gathering stories and experiences.Much of my work focuses on my experience living with endometriosis, and general body dysphoria, but also collecting and transcribing intangible feelings. Nature is violent, and my body is a warzone. I convey this dichotomy through my work. My art is often living and liminal; it begs to be touched and cared for, yet will eventually decay. All of these ideas stem from my love of connecting with the earth and the creatures both human and otherwise on it. Often this occurs within or on the outskirts of an urban landscape. I love to touch materials, see what they want to become, and work with replicating the emotional warmth of the living.
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Major Completed, 2021
Royal Conservatory of Music
Major Completed, 2016

Sculpture/Installation Bronze Mouldmaking Foraging Relief Printing Violin Performance Viola Performance Writing

2021, The Conditioned Human
Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto
2020, Bursary for Young Visual Artists
Andre Beaulieu