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“In Trinidad, I am Canadian. In Canada, I am Trinidadian. Anywhere I am, I am nowhere according to the labels of identity ascribed to diasporic people by those who have taken the land for themselves. As if, real, palpable, identity was a badge only worn by some, I was left without the language to define myself according to those rules. But my sense of identity is my own—controlled only by me. When our rigid categorizations of race and nationality fail to truly define us, what we have left is relationships, sense of belongings, and love.Please start with the "Tangled Roots (assembled)" - which includes the full artist statement. After you may proceed to viewing the links one at a time- which includes their ideation page and elaborated context on the links as individuals. ”

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Sarah began her journey at OCADU with the goal to learn new things, meet people, and push herself through her conceptual development and making. She eventually found herself in jewellery where she found her voice through creating with a conceptual focus on social and political issues by using symbolism to visually communicate her objects. Nearing the end of her studies, she noticed a natural shift occurring where her work was becoming increasingly personal and vulnerable. As her final note at the institution, she decided to focus her thesis on finding her identity - an ending point which truly and genuinely highlights how her work has always been made passionately, raw and with love.
OCAD U - Faculty of Design
Material Art & Design
Major Completed, 2022

Hand Fabrication File Folding Stamping

2021, Memorial Scholarship
Lily Yung
2017, Scholarship
Humber Valley Art Club