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“Materials have become my main artery for the body of work created in 2019-2020. Working with the themes of: body, brain, generational history, feminism and creativity. I have found comfort in knitting materials that will be used in the creation of my final work. Creativity resides in the communication of the two sides of the brain. Knitting was the best choice to embody this concept because I am creating material using both my hands, therefore, activating both motor skills. My great grandmother taught my mother how to knit. My grandmother told me that dimes are a sign that my great grandmother is watching and guiding our family. When I started knitting I found a dime on a park bench. I knew that my ancestors were guiding me in the creative process. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my plans for the completion of my final term at OCAD changed dramatically. Tools that I found extremely beneficial in the creation of my thesis assignment, were no longer available. Studio spaces, workshop facilities, and access to materials were among the list of non essential services. However, they are essential in the completion of my thesis work. Provided that GradEx 105 is in a questionable state, my work became dormant in material growth but evolved in shape. The intended installation included painted grey walls (for the grey matter in the human brain), with spotlights on the dimes (to show electricity), and the knitted material (created from creativity). This installation was suppose to represent the movement of creativity in the brain through the passage of neuron's. Currently, my work stands as one knitted piece, similar to a blanket. I've knit all the loose pieces together to bring comfort in these difficult times. For my artwork can give me a physical hug when family can't. Over the past 7 months, I have wrapped myself in this knitted blanket and began creating again. I adjusted to my new environment and shifted my creative practice to smaller works to fit the conditions of my workspace. These small works have been glimpses into my mind during the COVID-19 pandemic. I realized that my thesis project launched me into a space where I needed to create in order to keep my sanity. Creativity in my brain was the driving factor to be living past tomorrow. Creativity pushed me to get through the toughest times in the pandemic. This knitted blanket was the foundation for the artworks I created over the past 7 months. This blanket brewed a new ecosystem for my creative practice. ”

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Alysha Rocca is a Toronto based artist working primarily with mixed media and with an emphasis on textiles. She believes that painting is a form of healing. Alysha identifies as a painter but never limits herself to just painting, she also enjoys sculpture, drawing, and installation. By extending her creative energy onto a surface, Alysha is able to work through her questions regarding community and justice. Answers to these questions are rarely provided, but guidance from ancestors always specify new outlets of research. Alysha is a recent graduate of OCAD University with a major in Drawing and Painting. Her work involves oil and acrylic paints and incorporates themes of feminism and the human brain. Alysha features space and aesthetic to create an interesting combination of art in space.
Harvard University
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
Minor Completed, 2020
OCAD U - Faculty of Art
Drawing and Painting
Major Completed, 2020

Colour Matching Repurposing Textiles Creative Problem Solving Organizational Skills Constructive Feedback Mixing Paints Ability to Implement Criticism

2020, Drawing and Painting, Class of 2020
Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto ON
2019, Prequel
Artscape Sandbox, Toronto ON
2019, Piece of Mind
Niagara Artist Centre, Niagara ON
2019, Toronto Biennial of Art
OCAD University, Toronto ON
2020, Patricia Joy Alpert Memorial Award
OCAD University